Euro Rallies on Upbeat PMI Data, Dollar Falters on Rate Cut Bets

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The EUR/USD currency pair is staging a strong comeback on Thursday, reversing earlier losses and climbing from near a one-week low. This surge is fueled by a combination of factors:

Eurozone Strength:

  • Positive PMI Data: The release of positive preliminary PMI figures for the Eurozone in May has boosted confidence in the region’s economic outlook. This strengthens the Euro.

US Dollar Weakness:

  • Fading Dollar Rally: The recent recovery in the US Dollar seems to be losing momentum as investors remain confident in a potential Fed rate cut by September.
  • FOMC Minutes vs. Market Sentiment: The hawkish tone of the FOMC minutes regarding interest rates appears to be overshadowed by market expectations of a dovish shift from the Fed due to recent inflation data.
  • US Dollar Index (DXY): The DXY is slipping, indicating a broader decline in the US Dollar’s value.

Technical Analysis (EUR/USD):

  • Triangle Breakout Retest: The EUR/USD bounced back after testing the support area following a breakout from a bullish Symmetrical Triangle pattern on the daily chart.
  • Moving Averages and RSI: The 20-day and 50-day EMAs have formed a bullish crossover, and the RSI is in positive territory, suggesting upward momentum for the Euro.

The EUR/USD is poised for a potential retest of its two-month high around 1.0900. A sustained break above this level could lead to further gains towards 1.0950 and 1.1000. However, a decline below the 200-day EMA at 1.0800 could signal a reversal and a return to the downside.

Key Points:

  • Eurozone PMI data lifts the Euro.
  • Fading confidence in a strong US Dollar due to anticipated rate cuts.
  • EUR/USD eyes a retest of two-month high.

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